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We are an Italian company, and we produce one of the most important foods of our tradition that conquered the whole world: pasta. Our pasta is made of gluten-free flour from legumes and grains, is organic and vegan, and is available in a wide range of shapes.

EU Organic100% VeganGluten freeIFS foodBRC food certificatedCrownK Kosher Parve Rabbi A. Locci

Libré Organic Line

This is our line of pasta made only with the best pulse and grain flours originating from carefully selected producers.

This pasta is certified organic because the production chains for all the raw materials in use are certified organic; in addition, they are also gluten-free, with high protein content and a low glycemic index.

The traditional pasta shapes, created to be paired with the most varied and imaginative condiments, take on the intense and unique colors of the innovative ingredients from which they originate.



Organic white Rice long Filini


Organic white Corn Fusilli

Mezze maniche

100% organic yellow Corn Mezze maniche


100% organic Sorghum Fusilli


Organic brown Rice Penne


Organic white Rice Fusilli


100% organic Chickpeas Gramigna

Try the new Risini!

The grains with the cheerful colors of the tasty raw materials: chickpeas, peas, red lentils and turmeric.


GOVI FARM Pasta is the ideal to enhance all kinds of soups.  A perfect comfort food for many occasions!


100% organic Chickpeas Anellini

Even the packaging is good. Good for the environment.The packaging says everything! In addition to the information required by law (such as nutritional values and expiration date), there is much more. Read it, and you will know that what you are eating also has a name and a face, that it is healthy and of high quality, and that it is suitable for your lifestyle because good is not just related to the flavor of food.

They are made of FSC-certified paper, meaning that they are obtained from wood originating from forests managed in a sustainable way and are completely recyclable.

Aticelca 501/19 Assessment System. It was born from the desire of the main Italian paper manufacturers to classify materials and products with a predominance of cellulose, such as paper and cardboard, according to their industrial recycling level.  Based on laboratory analysis results (carried out according to UNI 11743:2019), it allows a classification on four levels in terms of recycling ability:  A+, A, B, C. 

Our packages are classified as level A, meaning that they are recyclable with paper in an effective and efficient way both from a technological and economic point of view since recycling involves a waste of less than 10%.