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Welcome to GOVI FARM

New products, nourishing and tasty!

A new -and tasty- way of eating!

We created two product lines in order to provide you with the best of agriculture, both organic and conventional. If you are looking for healthy food, and willing to improve your sport performances, GOVI FARM is the product for you, thanks to the high content of proteins and fibres.

  • Libré Bio is exclusively produced with organic flours, mainly with legume ones, such as red and yellow lentils, chickpeas, green peas, and black beans. Therefore, all Libré Bio products are 100% organic and gluten-free.
  • Profì, which contains chickpea and soy flours, pea fibre, corn, and rice. It is still gluten-free, but conventional.

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Certified company

GOVI FARM products are the result of tradition, passion, and research.

We respect tradition by using one of the most common ingredients of  Italian cuisine: legumes, which represented for centuries one of the cheapest and most nourishing elements of our diet.

Moreover, a well-known Italian university has studied our pasta as part of a research project, and, together with our research team, we developed the two product lines, Gluten-free, Organic and VeganOk certified.

Thanks to this last certification, which guarantees the observance of specific ethical and environmental principles, our products are also suitable for vegetarians, and vegans.

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Only healthy products

Our product lines -pasta, snack, and preparations- are all made of legumes flours, and can consequently vaunt the following characteristics:

  • Low glycaemic index to prevent diabetes and the accumulation of sugars in the organism. 

  • High fibre content to control the level of cholesterol and glycaemia, and to protect our intestine. Libré Bio and Profì pasta contain higher fibre amount than standard wholemeal wheat pastas.

  • High protein content for people who enjoy sport during the day, wish to help their immune system, and aim to maintain their muscle mass. All product lines, especially Profì, have higher content of proteins than the common wholemeal wheat pastas.
  • Low content of saturated fats for people willing to prevent cardiovascular diseases, and taking care of their overall health.
  • Gluten Free for people who suffer from celiac disease or are intolerant to gluten .

Quality and Warranty

Our team of experts and researchers, jointly with a well-known Italian university, guarantees a high degree of quality and reliability.

We produce the GOVI FARM products in a specifically designed production plant in order to satisfy the strictest hygienic and quality requirements that these kinds of nutritional products need. 

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